Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Night Survey: Three Years Edition

11-8-11 was the day Jesus and I made our relationship "official"--as in we had an intentional conversation about being a couple. We had been boyfriend and girlfriend in everything but name before then: going on dates, seeing each other exclusively, texting each other morning and night, and celebrating our birthdays together, but it's nice to have a day set aside to mark the "beginning" of our relationship. In the past three years, we've grown together through:

Laughing: together.
Texting: wayyyy more than we talk on the phone (match made in heaven).
Discovering: Chicago's neighborhoods.
Trying: new restaurants in new neighborhoods.
Fighting: when we get too hungry.
Taking: advantage of any free event we can. Like any. Seriously.
Watching: "our" TV shows together.
Dressing: up like our favorite characters.
Traveling: to central Wisconsin, Madison, Denver/Boulder, and central Illinois.
Introducing: each other to our families. (And our families to each other!)
Pretending: to be Romans.
Talking: about everything. And nothing.
Keeping: yearly traditions. In all seasons.
Annoying: each other every now and then.
Learning: lessons about how we work best.
Thinking: about the future.
Doing: nothing.
Redoing: date nights gone awry.
Matching: outfits.
Reading: selections for our book club of two.
Eating: sushi from Wal-Greens, Thai food on our anniversaries, vegan when it interests us, and every three hours on a good day.
Choosing: each other, every day.

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