Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Survive the [insert modifier here] Blues

I don't know what this season is besides too late in the year for enjoying the outdoors and too early for holiday lights to be lit, but the corresponding blues make me pessimistic. The week before vacation is also tough because while I want to get things done, I also just want to turn my brain off and eat comfort food. If you're in a similar boat, my plan of attack might help you out. If you're one of the people who likes this time of the year, you're part of the problem. Also you probably live in the south/southern hemisphere. Or you're lying and you need these tips even more than the rest of us.
You'd think construction season would at least wind down about now...but you'd be wrong.
  1. Use the buddy system. Find someone who won't mind being an ear to your complaints, and offer to hear theirs as well. Getting things off your chest feels really good, even if the problem can't be fixed. Make sure your person knows that you aren't always a Negative Nancy, but sometimes you need to whine a little.
  2. Take things day by day. Or hour by hour. Break the week up into manageable chunks, then do one thing at a time and FOCUS on that one thing.
  3. Take your time. When the temps hit the single digits, I give myself extra time to get dressed, get to work, do things at work, etc. I do things more deliberately. Plus it really does just take longer to get dressed when you have to wear several layers. 
  4. Treat your senses. The thing about pre-winter is it's dull. It's easy to feel numb during a numb season, so instead listen to music, eat something, look at pretty pictures, wear luxurious robes, invest in some comfy socks, drink tea--make yourself feel anything but cold!
  5. Get into the spirit. Even if just for a few minutes, turn on some Christmas music or bake something with peppermint in it. I don't hate the holiday season, just this weird limbo post-fall and pre-holiday, so sometimes it helps to start decorating a little early. Start shopping (or window shopping, or online browsing) for gifts. Make plans with friends and family to celebrate. Pack for going home (a week early).
  6. Revel in not having plans. On the other side of things, be happy that holiday stresses aren't here yet: you don't have to shop or bake or travel or have things to do. Spend a day mod-podging various items in your house. Marathon a TV show. Enjoy the bare trees and bare houses before the barrage of snow and decor comes along.
Or get out and enjoy art!
So far these tips have helped me--I know it's only Tuesday, but it's been a solid week (and usually Tuesdays are the worst). We got this!

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