Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day 2014

Did you vote today? Remember, you can't complain about politics if you haven't done your share! Voting is super easy here--in Chicago we were able to vote early until Saturday at one of 50 locations, including libraries. And you can register and vote all in one shot. So easy! (Yes, I say this knowing that hundreds of "provisional" voters are stillllll waiting in line.)

I had no line at 10 in the morning and luckily, my polling place is only a few blocks away. I made the walk before work, did my civic duty and then my gainful employment duties, and I'm now watching election coverage. If you don't know much about Chicago/Illinois, you probably know that corruption is the name of the game around here, so I always find even these midterm elections pretty interesting. After all the mudslinging we've had to deal with, I like watching and seeing who came out on top. (Again, I say this knowing we might not know who wins the gubernatorial race until mid-November!)
On another, semi-related note: did you change the batteries in your fire/carbon monoxide alarms this weekend? Ideally you're testing the alarms monthly, so you know ASAP when batteries are running low, but a yearly switch out can't hurt. (We can file this little tidbit under Stuff House Managers Deal With.)

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