Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Night Links 10

I know it's not Friday night, but it is Friday, and it is nighttime. I also have a feeling there are more than a few of you awake at this time (when normally you aren't). Welcome to Black Friday, folks. Sigh. If you guessed that I'm not a fan of this "holiday," you're right. If you're shopping right now, you're part of the problem and you need these links the most. (I still love you, though.)

Just so we're clear, gift giving isn't the enemy.

BUT: all those things you're buying won't mean a whole lot after the initial excitement wears off. SO: Buy Experiences, Not Things.

Bonus: sharing experiences is important, so buy group experiences.

If Black Friday is an experience for you, at the very least follow these rules.

Or save yourself the headache and wait (a few days).

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