Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Elise Gets Crafty

Last week when I reviewed Serial, I mentioned another podcast that I've listened to: Elise Gets Crafty. Recently I started listening again, and I have to say Elise gets me more and more...or rather, she gets herself and that helps me get me.

In Episode 002, she re-shares the audio from a video she made in 2011 about finding work after college. I wish I had heard this then (though who knows if I would have listened/followed her advice), because her thoughts are refreshing and normalizing--she admits that not finding a job/"the" job sucks, and as much as she wants to say "it all happens for a reason," she doesn't trivialize the search. It just sucks and that's what it is. I'm several years out of college and at a different point in my life, but her post-grad goal looks similar to what I've thought I want to do now, so a lot of her words hit home.

While I'm a quick learner, I'm a slow/deliberate processor, so in some ways I do feel like I'm just starting my post-college life and definitely still figuring out what I want to do. I needed to hear her quasi-motto, "just get started/figure it out as you go," because it's easy for me to get overwhelmed or caught up in details and freeze. A lot of what happens on this blog comes as a result of me just starting and figuring it out in real time. That's the beauty of online journals--there's no time to wait for the "perfect" moment. Especially when you've challenged yourself to post daily.

Next step: apply this mantra to my offline goals. (To be continued...)

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