Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Night Links 9

Bet you thought I forgot to post today. Nope! Just had to have a sibling Skype date and roommate cheesy beanie dinner first. So, here we are on a Friday, my day to post a few relevant links. This week's theme is blogging, because NaBloPoMo. Consider this an appendix to my thoughts from yesterday/Wednesday. Good reads all around, even if you don't blog.
Clever packaging: always blogworthy.
A few solid rules reminding me, above all, to be real. (A reminder I need every now and then and, more importantly, right now right now.) Also, this: "Even if no one reads what you are writing, you have a chronicle of something."

Turns out, foodies are great blogging resources. They know "the only way I'm able to grow is through experience, experimentation, and regular practice."

A blogger who took a break and came back. Because "my mind gains clarity when i write things out."

Finally, three things this blogger knows to be true (about blogging, but also life). Takeaway: "I dedicate many hours and energy into developing original content because THAT I can do."

Happy weekend, and cheers! to original, experimental content that helps me gain clarity and grow (in life and in my writing practice) as I create a chronicle of my 20s (and beyond).

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