Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Or for those of you (like me) who have a love/hate relationship with alliteration, Grateful Thursday.
I posted this picture on Tuesday, but it's sentiment still applies today (and there's no guarantee it'll apply much longer). I'm grateful that it's still fall--literally and temperaturely. Climately? I think you get what I mean. Not only does the calendar say yes, it's not quite yet winter, but the weather is also full-on fall.

Besides that weird hailstorm on Halloween, which we can blame on the souls of the departed or the undead or whatever, this fall has been gorgeous. Leaves are turning colors and, you know, FALLING off the trees instead of being pounded to the ground by the force of a billion heavy snowflakes. It's been a gradually changing SEASON instead of a whiplash-inducing switch from 80 degrees to 30. Yes, we've had some rain and some wind, but I don't mind all that within the context of a year's worth of weather patterns.

What I do mind is when it goes from summer to winter to winter to winter to summer again. I need transition periods. I need baby steps. I need the time to rake leaves between the lawn mowing and snow shoveling phases of the year.

I love you, fall, and I'm so glad you are real this year! Even when the streetlights come on at 3:45.

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