Thursday, May 19, 2011


The carnage left after cracking 4 dozen confetti-filled eggs on each other. It's an Easter tradition; we're only a little belated.

We still have confetti in our kitchen, living room, and down the hallway

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Goodbye Poetry, Hello Photography

What one month of only blogging in poems ("poems" ?) taught me:

1. Sometimes several poetic things happen in one day, and it amazes me how few of those moments I would have otherwise remembered and poeticized.
2. Most days, nothing special happened and then I basically made use of the enter key while typing stream of consciousness.
3. The month goes by super slowly when you blog (nearly) every day. It feels like I did it for a year.
4. While most of the poems were just silly or fun observations, there are several that will most likely serve as springboards for revised poetry that I actually think about before posting, so, success!
5. Even if this...experiment? adventure? challenge? yielded no awesome piece of work, it did prove that I can stick to something for a month.

I might miss blurping out a few quaint lines every now and then, but I'll have to get used to even less words for May as it's National Photograph Month. May also brings sunshine and rain, and the MercyWorks Spring Retreat in Lake Geneva, WI. I leave soon (and should have finished packing before blogging) and will be out of Chicago until Thursday. Our focus is spirituality as the 14 of us see it, which means we are discussing nature, music, meditation, social justice, cultural and traditional worship, and prayer. And probably food.


cactus-looking art...I need someone to help me make it look more tree-like.