"When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

Doing "as the Romans do" means to follow the cultural norms of the places you find yourself. Originally, it applied to early Christians deciding when to celebrate the Sabbath--in Rome it was one day of the week, in Milan another, and so forth. It doesn't mean to forget who you are or your personal rituals, values, and beliefs, but to embrace those of another culture and really experience life in each unique locale.
The view from my school in Rome's Trastevere neighborhood.

My Rome roommates and me, about to experience some lasagne.
How does this apply to me & this space?

January 2009: Study Abroad: Rome...I documented my culture shock and growing relationship to Italian food.
Summer 2009: I continued discussing culture shock when I came back to America to live in North Myrtle Beach, SC, a place where I embraced beach life and coleslaw on hot dogs.
August 2009: My senior year of college began back in Wisconsin, but I liked talking about myself too much to stop blogging.
August 2010: I moved to Chicago for an AmeriCorps volunteer year called MercyWorks. I lived in community with 13 other volunteers and worked at a group home for teenagers.
November 2011: Still in Chicago, I became a house manager/nanny and documented my "housewife" and Chicago adventures.
Summer 2015: I soaked in all the little moments of my life (#nannylife, Chicago living, cooking, eating, reading, and writing about it all) and figured out my next steps.
July 2015: As a Teaching Fellow with Citizen Schools, I jumped into a new adventure! #teachingfellowlife #classof2017 #astheteachersdo
November 2016: I got engaged (!) and I applied to grad school (!!) while also starting to explore other post-fellowship opportunities (!!!).
May 2017: The beginning of #mlisstudentlife, more #nannylife, and the discovery that I am a complete #bridechilla.
November 2017: Wedding/Honeymoon! (See my monthly-ish Japan posts for travel tips and photos.)