Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Night Survey: High School Nostalgia Edition

Well, that football game didn't go how I would have liked, so let's talk about something more exciting. I got to see high school friends this weekend! It was a short reunion, but oh so needed and oh so fun. Now I'm ready for another warmish week in Chicago, after I watch another football game to help me forget about the one that just ended.

Hating: waking up early for a morning shift.
Loving: how photogenic the city is at that hour.
Finishing: Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham and really liking it.
Riding: the train to work & the bus to play.
Enjoying: the 40 degree weather (way different from both 0 and 20).
Meeting: my friend's brother's girlfriend and realizing she's already met both of my siblings.
Drinking: a gin and champagne cocktail we named The Kicker.
Eating: Thai food and pretending we were at the Great Wall.
Reminiscing about that time we ordered in Great Wall our senior year, among other things.
Playing: True American and card games like we were in college.
Staying: out only until midnight.
Ordering: a late night torta.
Making: new memories with old friends.
Waking: up to someone vacuuming.
Reading: The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert and very excited to hear about her newest book, coming out later this year!
Watching: the Packers lose that game.
Hoping: at least the Colts can make it to the Big Game.
Planning: a super comforting dinner to improve my mood.

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