Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My January Poem

If I want to stay creative, I have to create. Without really committing to it, I'm committing to posting at least one poem each month on here. I can write more than one, but I'd like to have at least one that I share. 

January is both conducive and restrictive when it comes to poem writing. Life is ripe with metaphors--things are fresh and new and positive--it's all a little overwhelming. This mood is kinda perfect for poetry, if there's time after all the resolution-keeping. Which is why I made poetry one of my life intentions in 2015. Make it a priority, make it happen.

Quiescence (or Discernment)

When you start reading medical journals for "research,"
that's when you wonder how you got to where you are now.
Where you are isn't bad, but it is unexpected, like every
twist and turn your life has made:
a series of switchbacks on a mountain,
all leading to the top,
taking the longest (and most logical, in hindsight) path.

Recently, the twists and turns have straightened themselves out.
Your life hums along, the same yesterday as tomorrow;
for once you have a chance to settle in and enjoy the view.
You’re not at the top yet, just a plateau. For now.

You like to play a game called "Did You Ever Think?"
It involves asking yourself periodically,
"Did you ever think a year ago you'd be where you are today?"
The answer's always "No."

(For now.)

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