Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Netflix Gems

A few strange (but ultimately entertaining) things I watched on Netflix this month:

In Your Eyes
When I saw that Joss Wheden wrote and Zoe Kazan stars in this 2014 movie, I had to watch it. Kazan, along with her co-star Michael Stahl-David, carry this (unrealistic) tale of two telepathically connected people. If you suspend your disbelief, it's a charming story. It was easy to fall in love with both main characters and root against their antagonists. In Your Eyes is funny, sweet, and fun to watch.

I saw and heard good things about this dystopian story set entirely on a train, and it kept my attention the whole way through, but mostly in a I Can't Believe This Is Really A Movie way. Again, disbelief should be suspended to get into it. Tilda Swinton is hilarious as Mason and really, most of the cast does a great job. I'm still baffled at the ending, but visually Snowpiercer was stunning.

Nick Offerman: American Ham
Not a movie, but stand up. Nick Offerman (of Parks & Rec) gives viewers 10 life tips in this hilarious show. I loved all of it except maybe the songs, but I'm just not a comedic song fan. Also, how cool is that Offerman's Wikipedia bio is "American actor, writer, and carpenter" ?? So cool. I couldn't find a trailer for the show, so here is an appearance on Late Night.

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