Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Night Survey: Here Fishy Fishy Edition

How was your unseasonably warm but also snowy weekend? I hope you took advantage of the weather and got outside, at least until it decided to be winter again. I for one left the house several times, nearly unheard of in late January. Saturday was for errands and making myself feel human again (read: taking a bath) after a very structured week of work. Today was for play: Jesus and I visited Shedd Aquarium since it was free and we haven't been in a while. Other events and adventures of the weekend:
Taking: it alllll the way back to elementary school by
Prepping: tater tot casserole for tonight's dinner.
Running: more than I have in a long time, but really not that far.
Rolling: out some sore muscles.
Streaming: all available episodes of Transparent on Amazon, since it was free yesterday. SO GOOD.
Drinking: six cups of tea per day, on average.
Eating: coconut donuts.
Taking: my first bath in ages and
Wondering: why don't I do that more often??
Reading: The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert and loving it.
Walking: uphill into the snow on our way to Shedd.
Exploring: coral reefs, swamps, and rivers.
Seeing: dolphins and beluga whales and penguins and sea lions.
Watching: families interact.
Feeling: grateful to get back home and in sweats.

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