Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Night Links 13

Here we are, at the last Friday of January. How are your resolutions holding up? Mine are still a challenge, but a good challenge.

Maybe you want to work on your budgeting and financial skills--it would help to be part of The Cheapest Generation. (This article also describes what it means to "invest" in yourself, another solid resolution.)

Did you resolve to exercise more? Here's Emily McDowell's answer to that.

If you planned to keep up with housework, but find yourself at odds with never-ending chores, don't blame your lack of resolve. It's The LEGO Principle.

Are you still not sure what you want to improve in 2015? Let me suggest reading. (Of course.)

We all felt fresh at the beginning of the year, but February through December can get long and even the best intentions might fall by the side somewhere along the way. Just remember every day is another chance to start anew, and that "there is joy to be found in the process." That's where change and growth really happen.

Best of luck!

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