Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Night Links 12

Because my writing goal for the year is to diversify it, here are a few articles, quotes, and lists that have been helpful motivation and affirmation. (PS, so far this goal is panning out well. I'm journaling a lot more than I ever did last year, my sentence-a-day notebook use is fairly regular, I'm keeping a schedule on here, and I've devoted time to personal projects that I have no plan for, but still want to play around with.)

This wouldn't be my personal list of writing inspiration if there wasn't something from Elizabeth Gilbert.

A whole year's worth of wisdom from some writing greats (including Gilbert, again). I keep this bookmarked and read through whenever I need a little pick me up.

"Write scraps and crots and pieces of broken structure. Throw them in a pile or a box or even away, but write, write, write. Until it’s not precious, or special, or perfect. It’s just what you do."

Writing is good for your health! And blogging gives you a runner's high.

My favorite part about this list is that a lot of it isn't about writing specifically, but about creating a life where writing can thrive.

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