Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Night Survey: On the Clock Edition

Yes, it's a Sunday night/Monday morning and I'm at work. I leave for California in just over two days, so I wanted to get in some extra time here before I left...don't want to miss it while I'm on vacation, right? Despite having a shortened weekend, I feel like I got a lot done. At least I'm mostly packed, and that feels like a huge accomplishment. There may or may not have been (but definitely was) some furniture rearranging somewhere in there as well. Oh, and Jesus and I snuck in a trip to Bristol Renaissance FaireWhat else is going on around here? Good question.

Making: a plan of attack for the day. (Monday, that is.)
Cooking: nothing yet...we're leftover city over here.
Eating: leftovers! (and veggie tempura at the Ren Faire!)
Drinking: sassafras and it was so good.
Walking: around and around in circles at Bristol.
Watching: Barely Balanced acrobatics, a glassblower and a blacksmith do their things, a joust, several sword fights, and a game of chess.
Cheering: for our jousting champion, Don Vincenzo.
Taking: a me moment while M is asleep.
Reading: Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan after finishing The Position by Meg Wolitzer
Realizing: Meg Wolitzer is one of my top ten (maybe even top five?) favorite authors.
Writing: packing lists, shopping lists, and to do lists.
Playing: with juggling toys.
Sleeping: in a guest bedroom.
Forgetting: to pack a razor. Oops.
Enjoying: air conditioning!
Taking: two ibuprofen before was a long day.
Wearing: shorts and tanks and anything breathable in this humidity.
Wondering: how early M will be up in the morning.
Hoping: he sleeps in so I can wake up slowly.
Listening to: the (by now familiar) sounds of someone else's house.
Smelling: fried food, roasted nuts, beer, sweat, and incense.
Needing: a vacation.

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