Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Morning Shortlist Vol 4

I ran out of coffee last Friday and --gasp-- had to drink tea in the morning, but have no fear--I stocked up over the weekend so I can catch up on leisure reading with my favorite caffeinated companion. Won't you join me?
Museum Campus, Chicago (Jesus and I took advantage of a free day at the Field Museum yesterday.)
Rejoice! Packaged/processed food sales are going down! (Small victories are still victories.)

A clever (if not pricey) solution for growing plants. (I have a lily that wants a bigger home.)

Beautiful sketches. (Just try to not get this song stuck in your head after visiting.)

This is AWESOME. (I would love to have this option every weekend.)

How to Be Polite. (It's simpler than you think--and can change everything.)

If I'm not creating, I'm probably consuming. (These lists are a strange mixture of both.)

And with that, I'm off to do some creating! (Creating means napping and planning dinner.)

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