Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Getting Over the Hump

This has been a rough week, right? I don't think it's just me--I get the feeling we're all feeling a bit wrung out. I have a billion tabs open on my computer (nothing new), all reminders of things I have to do. I have several email drafts collecting proverbial dust in my inbox, all conversations I'm not ready to get into. I've been binge-reading, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, except I know I'm doing it as an escape from this downer of a week.

I have my alarm set early enough that I can get away with "snoozing" for at least another 30 minutes, though sometimes I lay in bed for an hour, drifting in and out of dream-filled/restless sleep. Today I forced myself to get up, even just to make coffee and sit--as long as I was out of bed. Baby steps.
Our garden--also making baby steps.

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