Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Museum, A Meal, A Movie: 3 Relationship Lessons

Jesus and I took advantage of a free day to visit The Field Museum last weekend. We've both been there before, so this time we upgraded our basic tickets in order to check out a special exhibit: The Machine Inside: Biomechanics. We did a lot of people-watching (and people-following...not creepy in a museum), discovering, goofing around, and reminiscing. Later, we got dinner at Lazo's (one of our regular taco joints) and watched The LEGO Movie (A+, highly recommend, review to come). Along the way, we learned (and remembered) a few things about ourselves.
Thermal Selfie!
Spacial Awareness

Similarities: being aware of our surroundings. I grew up with "Be Aware of Your Surroundings" as a family rule, and Jesus's parkour years forced him to focus on what was around him.

Differences: our level of awareness based on where our surroundings are. Inside, Jesus always knows where he is and how to get where he wants to be. He likens indoor spaces to video game worlds: finite areas where it's impossible to get truly lost. I'm the opposite: huge indoor spaces overwhelm me and unless I have a map or a landmark, I have no way of knowing where exactly I am. (With a map I'm UNSTOPPABLE.) When we get outside, I can navigate my way nearly anywhere, but Jesus has no idea which way he's facing (even in Chicago).

Lesson: Rachel gets us to our destination and back home again; Jesus acts as tour guide while we're inside.
I got this. Facing east.
Eating Habits

Similarities: the need to eat every few hours, and subsequent habit of packing snacks for any day we plan on being out of the house. Hungry = our normal state of existence...but when our blood sugar starts to crash and we edge into hangry territory, watch out.

Differences: Jesus could eat the same three or four meals for the rest of his life, so finding food isn't that much of an issue for him when we are planning meals. I'm not picky either, but every now and then I do enjoy trying out a new restaurant or eating somewhere with a certain atmosphere. This has caused more than one disagreement/discussion (exacerbated by our growing hunger) when Jesus just wants to eat food and I want to enjoy a meal.

Lesson: Get on the same page about what we want before leaving the house.
We're not ourselves when we're hungry.
Taste in Movies

Similarities: we can always agree on animated kids movies (Wreck-It Ralph, Epic, Tangled), big screen versions of YA novels (Divergent, Ender's Game, Catching Fire), scary movies (anything that comes out in October), and superhero/comic book movies (anything from the Marvel or DC Comics world). The LEGO Movie suited both of us perfectly and it starred pretty much all of our favorite actors: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Charlie Day, Will Forte, Jonah Hill, Jake Johnson, Liam Neeson, Nick Offerman...for real...everyone is in this movie, so we did a stellar job of picking it out.

Differences: I say why not tweak what could be improved; Jesus says don't fix what isn't broken. I like more drama and romance; Jesus prefers more gore, robots, and muscles.

Lesson: When in doubt, go with what you know will work--especially after a long day of walking and hangry fighting over where to eat. Sometimes the comfort of a familiar genre is exactly what you need.

Bonus Lesson: Remember to laugh out loud together. It can't hurt, and it'll probably help.

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