Friday, August 1, 2014

Party Time

Bye bye July, Hello Happiness Month! You guys do remember that August is all about Happiness Happening, right?

This is not to say July isn't happy, because it was! I saw my family again for Wedding #2, celebrated birthdays upon birthdays upon birthdays (mostly from afar, but a few here--including America's!), and biked a marathon. I love July and its Grab Life By The Horns mentality. It flows so well into August, with its Squeeze All The Fun Into Summer Before September Comes frenzy.

I'll be doing plenty of squeezing this year, starting with today/this weekend. It's Wedding #3 of the summer, and my MercyWorks community's second wedding, which means there will also be a reunion. And a celebration of a recent engagement. And a trip town memory lane. And a look forward to the third and fourth community weddings. (You might also remember we planned on having one community wedding per year post-MercyWorks...we missed 2013, but we're making it up with 2 weddings this year, so we're back on track!)

July, you're great. August, come join the party.

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