Monday, February 23, 2015

What I Know About...Getting (and Staying) in a Good Mood

Welcome to Farch, loyal readers. Farch is that ugly and gray time of the year between February and March when you're sick of winter, but it's not spring yet. (Maybe that happened way back in December for some of you?) In Farch, the novelty of snow has long worn off and now everything just looks dirty. If you can't hop on a plane and recharge somewhere tropical, you've gotta have a Good Mood Plan.

I really needed this plan today. (I won't go describe why, as I think everyone has mood issues on Mondays in late February.) Even if I don't always follow my own rules, I know:
  1. Keep On The Sunny Side. No, really - literally walk on the brightest side of the street. You need all the sunshine you can get, even if it's extremely filtered through thick clouds.
  2. Fake It 'Til You Make It. Pretend to be in a good mood until it feels like you are in a good mood. Smile at people. Make conversation with cashiers. Whistle. Our bodies/brains are easily tricked. (Other people might not believe you, but you're doing this for you, not them.)
  3. Heighten Your Senses. When the outside world is gray/dead/frozen, bring color into your home and wardrobe, cook fabulous meals, light candles, turn up the music, and make sure you have your softest Snuggie on hand.
  4. Treat Yo'Self. Similarly, when vacations aren't an option, make sure there's something fun in your life during this time of year. It might be something that plays to one of your senses, a little window shopping, a day trip, or even planning a far flung vacation for when it does become an option.
I wanted to add more tips to this list, but anything else I'd suggest is just a different way of saying what I already said. There's no magic phrase to take away the winter gray, so we just gotta do what we can until Spring (which on the calendar is in 20ish days, but in real life is in more like 2 months). Sigh.

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