Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Night Survey: Grammy Edition

It's Grammy night! If all goes as planned, I'll have dinner ready in about an hour and I'll be able to settle in for a night of live (on TV) music interspersed with awards every now and then. Join me back here at 7 to read all about it!

7:00 pm: LL Cool J is on TV...that can only mean one thing! #grammytime (Or NCIS: LA, I guess).

7:04 pm: The crowd doesn't look to be too impressed (there was a little girl cringing and a dude with absolutely no emotion on his face), but I think AC/DC is crushing it up there.

7:05 pm: Devil horns appeared! And at least Katy Perry, Blake Shelton, and Lady Gaga are having a good time.

7:08 pm: "devilishly good" - Oh LL, I hope this is just the beginning of tonight's puns. Also, 23 performances!?

7:10 pm: Taylor's gonna only Taylor can. It's true, I think the losers in this category are gonna be okay. My guess is Sam Smith or Iggy....and the Grammy goes to: Sam Smith. :) This makes me happy. I just bought his CD and I can't wait to listen to it from front to back on my road trip coming up next weekend. "I won a Grammy! Thank you." - Sam Smith, perfect acceptance speech.

7:16 pm: I love Anna Kendrick. That's all.

7:17 pm: Very cool earpiece bling, Ariana Grande. Loving that clear piano, too. I wish I knew how to do dramatic eye liner. Her face at the end! I love when performers reveal true feelings/show their age (which for Ariana is 21

7:22 pm: The best/most interesting part of the Grammys, for me, is all the random duets/trios/group performances. Jessie J and Sir Tom Jones are a good match. Jessie J's dress, not so much.

7:23 pm: More cuts to John Legend and Chrissy Teigan, please!

7:25 pm: Best Pop Solo Performance...what a stacked category. All of these songs were played heavy on the radio. Pharrell young (he's 41). That suit isn't my favorite. It looks like it was made from old car seats. I miss the hats.

7:33 pm: Miranda Lambert...this song isn't really about a red wagon is it? Loving your leather. And how hard this song is rocking for being country.

7:37 pm: Best Pop Vocal Album goes to: Sam Smith again! What a great suit.

7:44 pm: Kanye West looks like he just rolled out of bed. That performance was just meh.

7:48 pm: "That's a dope ass uniform though." Jesus, about the Minotaurs? (Bulls?) performing with Madonna.

7:52 pm: This song is called "Lift Me Up"...I'm waiting for her to start flying on the stage. She has a safety harness on.

7:53 pm: Aaaaand there it is.

7:54 pm: Beck wins Best Rock Album. A whole bunch of meh.

8:03 pm: Best R & B Performance: I'm pretty sure Beyonce has to win. She looks amazing. It's nice of her to thank God, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't care about the Grammys (I feel the same way about athletes who thank God)...

8:05 pm: The moment of shock when you realize that's John Mayer playing the pink guitar. Dang, he looks good. Ed Sheeran, not my type, but I LOVE this song.

8:10 pm: Ed Sheeran + ELO, good match.

8:15 pm: And now, half of The Voice judges. I really like Adam Levine's blue-faced watch. Gwen Stefani's dress looks too big for her. "This song kinds sucks." - Jesus

8:25 pm: That's an awesome guitar, Hozier. He looks like Josh Groban had a baby with the dude from The Darkness. (or Weird Al and Kenny G, Jesus says.)

8:28 pm: Could Annie Lennox be any cooler? She looks great.

8:31 pm: I hate Meghan Trainor and Nick Jonas together, visually. Their outfits are hurting my eyes.

8:34 pm: I'm excited for this version of Happy. And it's not disappointing. Hans Zimmer should remake everything. Pharrell made his shoes by stepping in glue, then glitter.

8:44-8:52 pm: I'm not sure what to say about all of this. I'm happy and sad about it.

8:58 pm: If you strip away all the glitz and glimmer, Lady Gaga is just a very solid performer. That being said, I love her hair.

9:03 pm: Do you think it's as fun to be a harpist as it looks? Usher is ushering Stevie to the stage.

9:13 pm: What is with the sunglasses.

9:19 pm: What is with the skinny jeans.

9:21 pm: I really like this song ("FourFiveSeconds"). Rihanna is wearing a lot of clothes. That blazer is coming off at some point, I'm sure. Maybe not. Huh.

9:30 pm: I'm sure not everyone loves Taylor's dress, but I'm digging it. The color and the cut.

9:33 pm: Oh Sam. Mary's not bad either.

9:35 pm: EVERYONE IS FRIENDS WITH EVERYBODY. That can't be real, right?

9:36 pm: This is how we feel about Jaunes (the outfits mostly).

9:39 pm: Albums, books, and black lives. They matter, people. I really don't know how Beck won Best Album...are any of his songs even on the radio? He looks as shocked as everyone else...and it looks like Kanye agrees!! That was great.

9:53 pm: Sia + Kristen Wiig + Maddie = brilliant.

9:54 pm: Tonight is Sam's night.

10:02 pm: Can we just have Chris Martin? I'll pass on Beck, winner or not.

10:07 pm: Record of the Year, not to be confused with Album of the Year. Best reaction goes to Sia - she's like hell, yeah I don't have to go on stage! Sam, meanwhile, is like I am SO glad I got dumped.

10:17 pm: What is this boring stuff. C'mon, people, we're over three hours already. Performances and funny acceptance speeches only!

10:18 pm: Never mind, it's memorial time. Oof.

10:27 pm: Finally. The show is over after Beyonce, right? "I am tired. I am weak." - she said it best.

10:32 pm: Okay, I'll stay awake for John Legend and Common. There was a lot of gospel influence tonight, right?

10:40 pm: Um, I guess that's all? Solid ending.

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