Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What I Know About...Biking vs Driving vs Public Transportation

While Quinn visits Bailey in South America, I'm taking care of his car. Having a car of my own (for two weeks) is a novelty for me and I'm learning all about the differences in how I transport myself places. I grew up in a very car-centric area (aka, the country), but transportation in the city is a whole different ball game.

I know...
  1. There is no 100% stress-free way to commute when you are an anxious person in general, except maybe walking when it's viable.
    1. Biking is the most laid back since I have control over most travel stressors (timing, traffic, parking) and the physical exertion gives me a nice outlet, but there's still weather and safety to think about.
    2. Driving provides an alternative when the weather is too cold/slushy for biking, but (especially post-blizzard), parking can pose a problem.
    3. Riding public transportation similarly helps when the roads aren't bikeable, and I don't have to worry about being alert or finding parking, but I do have to put my faith in public transit schedules.
  2. I stay in better shape when I bike. For a girl who doesn't belong to a gym, 45 minutes of biking a day does wonders.
  3. I get out of the house more with a car (at least more than what's normal in February). I can do multiple errands in one trip. I can drive to the suburbs to get out of the city. I can meet my boyfriend across the city after work without it taking an hour.
  4. I read more when I take CTA. About an hour more each day, depending on how interesting other bus/train riders are.
In conclusion:
  1. Biking is the cheapest and most versatile way to commute.
  2. Driving is the most comfortable and the least smelly way to commute.
  3. Public transportation is the most city slicker least predictable way to commute.

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