Friday, February 6, 2015

It's a Thai (Review)

For tonight's roundup of restaurant reviews, I'm pulling together all my favorite Thai places in Chicago (so far). I always always order Pad Thai, so this is less a review of Thai places and more a review of who does Pad Thai best...sorry not sorry. I like ordering things that I can't/won't/don't make in my own kitchen, and I have yet to learn how to make Pad Thai, plus Thai is an anniversary tradition for Jesus and me, so it has a special place in my heart (and stomach).

Blue Sprout
Good For: first anniversaries and pre-concert dinner (it's right next to Congress Theater and when Jesus and I ate there, we were seated next to Matt & Kim).
Ambiance: an intimate space with clean lines and close seating.
Notes: get the Crab Rangoon!

Anong Thai
Good For: second anniversaries and takeout. This is the closest Thai place to me, so I consider myself a regular.
Ambiance: casual, but still intimate.
Notes: BYOB.

Thai Bowl
Good For: pretending you're in college again.
Ambiance: casual. I went in the summer and they had the front windows all open, so it felt like an open air/sidewalk restaurant.
Notes: I've only been to the Lincoln Park location, but from what I know portions are huge at both. The "Thai Bowl Ice" is good!

Thai Village
Good For: takeout, dine in, delivery, getting your Pad Thai fix.
Ambiance: casual...I've only had it delivered, so really casual for me.
Notes: I believe Thai Village is BYOB, although they might have gotten a liquor license since I've been.

Polygon Cafe
Good For: dates, trying out new restaurants in new neighborhoods.
Ambiance: upscale casual. We came for lunch on a Sunday and it was pretty quiet.
Notes: the Pad Thai is amazing! And our waitress was extremely nice. BYOB.

Duck Walk
Good For: reuniting with high school besties, PAD THAI! (I'm not kidding, it's all I order.)
Ambiance: classy, but don't be ashamed to finish two bottles of wine with dinner (shared, obv).
Notes: BYOB.

On My To Try List
Thai Thank You
Thai Lagoon
Pho Thai Cuisine
...I'm game for pretty much any hole in the wall with "Thai" in its name.

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