Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Night Survey: Dinners and Birthdays and Oscars, Oh My!

What a busy late February weekend! That's the only way to survive these frigid and dark days, my friends - stay busy. My fingers are still a little frozen as I type this; Jesus and I just got home from getting 25-cent wings with friends, where we caught up on our lives, tried new brews, and watched the first part of the Oscars. Now we're home, warming up and enjoying the second half of Neil Patrick Harris's wit.

Drinking: a cherry cider. Yum!
Eating: wings, birthday goodies, take out, chocolate, and cheese.
Planning: our next Community Night.
Solving: a murder mystery...on a boat!
Entertaining: ourselves with a tangent on thimble collections.
Reading: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.
Checking: out a friend's apartment - which looks like Snow White's cottage, so adorable (so jealous).
Wondering: how my boyfriend is so goofy and so serious at the same time.
Making: the most of February blues.
Dreaming: of warmer days. And warmer nights. (Real feel of -6...not where it's at.)

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