Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I've been feeling my age lately.
That is, I've been feeling young: restless, stuck, inexperienced, excited, and juvenile.
And I've also been feeling old: settled, worn out, stale, confident and senile.

That's a lot of (contradicting) feelings, but they're all living inside me this week. Today especially (on my half birthday, which is a thing that's important to kids with summer birthdays, as that's when you get your birthday cupcake at school). While I'm still in my mid-twenties, it's not hard to imagine being 27, 28, 35. Then again, I can also imagine with great clarity how I felt at 22 - because it doesn't feel like that was very long ago.

The author of this article shares a few of my thoughts, especially when she writes,
26 is a strange age that simultaneously feels older than you expected, but still refreshingly, hopefully, thrillingly young. It’s possibly the one age where the expression “youth is wasted on the young” holds no authority; we are undeniably, wildly young, but we’ve been young for long enough to know how valuable it is to be so. We have more respect for our youth because, while we aren’t there yet, we can see that it will be done one day. I mean, weren’t we just 19? (Jessica Blankenship, "What Happens When You Turn 26")
And on that note, I'd like to reclaim my youth - or at least the good parts. Yes, age is coming, but for right now I'm a baby-faced 26-year old who knows a thing or two but wouldn't mind learning some more. If you need me, I'll be reveling in free time and a general lack of responsibility (read: children). It's good to be young.

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