Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Night (Afternoon) Links 14

I'm SO glad today is Friday. This has been a long, anxious, anticipatory week filled with a few ups and downs, but I made it! And now I'm officially starting my weekend. Jesus and I drive to Colby tonight for a wedding tomorrow, and I'm excited to spend Valentine's Day with my boo and my parents. (Who says that? But it's totally parents were my first Valentines after all.)

In honor of Friday the 13th, here are a few things that are a positive (maybe even lucky) force in my life right now:

Committing (and re-committing) to this writing practice, morning or night, always leaves me feeling lighter, at peace, and more complete.

Thinking about things like kids do is a great way to open your mind. It helps a lot if you have a boyfriend who refuses to grow up.

The job search is mind-numbing and can feel hopeless. This video helps.

It's nice to know other people have fuzzy dreams ("bits and pieces of what a life might look like"). I always have fun making mine real little by little.

Yes, I compulsively save Elizabeth Gilbert links. She has the best, most real advice. So of course she rounds out my list of positivity with a reflection on how to get the life you want.

Baking: always a positive force.

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