Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the Fourth be with you!

Hello, blue sky!

Today Jesus and I went downtown to check out the newly opened Chicago Sports Museum in Water Tower Place. (Neither of us are particularly athletic, nor are we avid sports fans, but we'll check out almost any museum.) On the way, we stopped to enjoy the views that are still exciting four years after moving here.

Today's Chicago Woman Way

My vertical is 18"...Jesus's is 30"...Michael Jordan's is 48"

The museum itself was lots of fun--it's small, but 90% interactive. You could compare your vertical to Michael Jordan's, your wingspan to Scottie Pippen's, your reaction time to Corey Crawford's, and your hand size to several Bulls and Sky players'.

It's not a mall date without a pretzel.

Admission to the museum is free with a meal at the connecting Harry Caray's restaurant, or you could do what we did: pay for the museum, then get $12 off at the restaurant. Doing it that way feels like more of a deal for some reason.

May, I'm okay with you so far.

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