Monday, May 5, 2014


My Cinco started with a full body massage, a Valentine's Day present finally received. According to my massage therapist (who was nontraditional, to say the least--no Enya or meditation sounds here; we listened to Pharrell), I was long overdue. Then Jesus and I continued our Unofficial Summer Kick-Off Staycation with a day at the Museum of Science & Industry. We put our tax dollars to work by taking advantage of the Illinois resident free day, plus we found free street parking a few blocks away from the museum. Right now, MSI has a special Disney archives exhibit and we got to take a mini/amateur animation class. We also did a lot of geeking out over interactive displays about storms, the body, submarines, and we watched a baby chick hatch. Not bad for a Monday.

Bike Month!

How Chicago children learn about farms...a 2-D corn field. :(

They don't call him Scales for nothing...wherever we go he finds something to climb.


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