Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

I didn't take many photos this weekend, because I was too busy celebrating, enjoying the company of friends, eating, dancing, and relaxing. Summer's unofficial kick-off weekend was a success.
Friends since 7th grade! (photo credit: Megan's iPhone)
Since Brit will be out of town (and out of the country!) for her actual birthday, we celebrated with friends on Saturday and family on Sunday. Saturday's festivities included a special drink dubbed "The Britney," NHL/NBA playoff games, and lots of special guests. We also tried out the newly opened Slippery Slope for drinks and dancing. We weren't the only group with that plan--the line snaked out the door when we got there. Luckily, it moved quickly, and soon we were inside dancing along with half of Logan Square. We hope the crowds thin out a bit once the newness of the place wears off...either that or we hope they invest in some A/C before it heats up any more around here.
waiting in the Slippery Slope line (photo credit: Megan...I told you I didn't take pics!)
On Sunday, we headed up north, our (Jesus's) car stocked with fruit salad, leftover drinks, carne asada, Texas caviar, and bean dip. We joined Brit's family at Brit's parents' house, where Becca met us with the cake--a blueberry/lemon/tapioca trifle. Brit's parents also got her a regular birthday cake, so she learned that even at 27, your parents can throw you a traditional birthday party. The day continued with yard games, card games (I learned how to play Spades!), and basement naps (as is our tradition after cookouts).
What was left to do on Monday, you ask? Shop, of course. Memorial Day sales plus upcoming birthdays means I found some gems that I can't wait to give later this summer. Jesus and I also went to the Lane Tech Memorial Day carnival. We walked around, decided we didn't trust any of the rides, and instead he took me on a walking tour of the Lane Tech grounds. (It's his alma mater, but since he spent most of his high school career skipping class, the tour consisted of him letting me know which doors were easiest to get out of unnoticed.)
Philly's Best fuzzy photo
I ended my long weekend with dinner at Philly's Best, joining Brit and Diego at Diego's apartment to cheer on the Hawks during another disappointing game, and a wet bike ride home afterwards. Now I'm ready for this short week to fly on by...more summer weekends await!

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