Friday, May 2, 2014

Building a New Chicago

Check out all the work they're doing in my neighborhood to get this elevated trail ready for me (and the rest of Chicago, I guess). This bridge used to be on another street. This time-lapse video shows how they got it over here. I can't wait for the Bloomingdale Trail...also known as the 606, because of Chicago's zip codes

["Bloomingdale" could confuse people who aren't aware that the trail runs parallel to Bloomingdale Avenue and Goose Island (as in the brewery) already has Chicago's original area code taken (312 Urban Wheat Ale), so the 606 it is.]

I might be more excited than most Chicagoans about this trail, since it's only about two blocks from my house and I've traversed it, pre-construction. It was like you'd expect an abandoned train line to look like: gravel, pieces of train tracks, broken glass, weeds, and graffiti--gritty and artsy, yes, but also treacherous in places. Soon it will look great (fingers crossed) and have official entry points!

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