Monday, December 1, 2014

What I Know About...Biking in December

"What I Know About..." is a new series I'm trying out this month. A lot of blogs have a specific niche; this one ranges from food to travel to happiness seeking. What I'm saying is, I'm not a specialist in any one thing (frankly, I'm afraid of the commitment), but I do know a thing or two about a thing or two. Why not share my knowledge? "What I Know About" could be the subtitle of this blog, or the title of my memoir, so it seems like a fitting series to play around with.

On this, the frigid first day of December, I don't know a whole lot. My brain is still on sleepy vacation mode and my body is wondering when I can eat again. Still, I had to get to work and my empty Ventra card meant it would be by bike. And I think I can safely say I'm becoming versed in the nuances of December biking.

I know...
  1. I will not survive the journey without layers: doubled-up thick socks, leggings under pants, thermals under sweaters, mittens under gloves, and a balaclava under the hat under my helmet.
  2. Cars are far less likely to see me when it gets dark at 4, and they aren't expecting me on the roads when the temps dip below freezing. I'm extra vigilant in this season, making sure I always have reflective gear and lights.
  3. Christmas lights are starting to go up!
  4. Bike traffic will be much lighter than it is in warmer months, but what traffic there is will be more vocal. For some reason, bikers who bike past the first snow are more open to starting conversations at red lights. Simple ones, like "It's cold out, huh," or "Where'd you get that reflective vest?"
  5. Snot will run and my eyes will tear up in the wind, but no one cares if I farmer blow or spit on the road.
  6. Twenty minutes of exercise twice a day can't be bad for me and it always beats spending five dollars to stand and wait in the cold.
  7. I can write most of a blog post in my head during the twenty minutes it takes to get home. (Remembering and transcribing it when I get there are the hard parts.)
Bonuses: I can always find parking and I never have to shovel myself out!

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