Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Journal Journey

Today marks the day I finish my 5-year, sentence-or-so/day journal. My interest in the project ebbed and flowed, and there were times I had to fill out a week retrospectively, but overall I've been religious about summing up my day in a few short lines since December 2009.

My favorite part was reading back each day to see what I had done the year(s) before. I noticed trends (fall's allergies, spring's restlessness) and marked traditions (holiday celebrations, anniversary rituals). Sometimes I found myself in completely different surroundings, while other years I could write the previous year's lines almost verbatim. A lot has changed (my location, my boyfriend, my job). A lot stayed the same (I know the girl who wrote those lines four, five years ago. She is still me.).

I've decided to continue the line/day journal because I do feel like I've gotten a lot from it (at the very least I can tell you what I did, in general, on any given day in the past five years...and that has to count for something). I'm going to pare it down, though, and really only give myself one line. Each page of my new journal will be dedicated to one calendar date and I'll write line by line until it's full.

This journey's not over yet.

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