Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I won't be posting any end of the year wrap-ups or resolutions today. Instead, I'm gonna live in the last few moments of 2014 and take the time to enjoy them, without expectation or anticipation for what comes next.

My plan is to be back tomorrow with a more formal New Year's Day post and a few thoughts about what I want for my life in the next year, but we'll see how the day goes first. No promises.

Then, hopefully over the weekend, I want to go through my Happiness/Wholeness Jar (remember that?) and use that as a 2014 wrap-up. I have no idea what I'll find in there, what themes and patterns will emerge, or if the whole thing will end up being a little lame, but I finished it! And that's one of my bigger accomplishments of the year, so I'm gonna celebrate it.

What else...I hope everyone has a safe and fun NYE, surrounded by friends and lovers. Ciao, 2014!

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