Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Night Survey: Winter Solstice Edition

Quinn graduated today! The kiddos (Quinn, his roommate, Bailey, and her boyfriend) and I drove up to Madison from Chicago to attend the ceremony at the Kohl Center and eat ourselves silly after. It was a perfect little getaway weekend and distraction from holiday stresses. I'm back in Chicago (via bus and train) and I'm looking back at all the activities we did before I get settled in for the longest night of the year.

Getting: out of work early on Friday to kick off the weekend.
Watching: Now You See Me.
Riding: the train to O'Hare to pick up Bailey and Nico.
Making: a Yankee breakfast for them.
Meeting: up with siblings and old and current roommates for pizza and beer.
Staying: awake while everyone else took naps.
Staying: out of the cold and in my apartment.
Ordering: tacos. Because tacos.
Waking: up before dawn to make sure Quinn got seated before 10.
Staying: awake (again/mostly) during the ceremony.
Tearing: up just a tiny bit.
Feeling: proud of my baby brother for getting the degree he wants.
Eating: barbecue and melted chocolate on everything.
Drinking: a Godiva Cappuccino.
Hopping: on a bus to Chicago.
Smiling: because I'll be back in Madison on Tuesday.
Listening: to the final episode of Serial and wondering what to do with it.
Understanding: the sentiment in this blog post.
Doing: a final load of laundry before the holidays.
Prepping: for one day of work this week.
Baking: my fourth loaf of this pumpkin bread (minus currants, plus chocolate chips).

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