Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Struggles of Apartment Searching

When the (maybe, almost) dream apartment you find suddenly can't be found online, or the landlord refuses to answer or return your calls.

Emailing a landlord about possible viewings and getting a form reply about pet policies and procedures.

When all the apartments are either available RIGHT NOW or not for another two months.

Every landlord/realtor screening your calls and/or playing phone tag with realtors.

When your boyfriend doesn't have bad credit, just zero credit.

Suddenly having a ton of new phone numbers in your phone. No names, just addresses to go along with them.

Loving the apartment...hating the neighborhood.

Loving the apartment...hating the price.

Loving the apartment...hating the three flights of narrow stairs it takes to get there.

Loving the realtor...hating the apartment.

Finding a great apartment in a great neighborhood, submitting an application, then having a nervous breakdown every half hour until the realty agency calls back.

Getting approved for the apartment, then having to wait a full day before signing paperwork so you can do it with your future forever roommate.

[And then you sign the lease and all the struggles seem minor.]

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