Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Night Links 22

It's really happening. I finished #nannylife yesterday, then I start a new adventure (hashtag still in process) in a week. Altogether, it's been almost a year of off-and-on job searching, opportunity seeking, life's path questioning, and realizing no one has anything figured out. I learned a lot about myself, the job market in Chicago, the range of feelings I go through during an interview, rejection, and trusting the process. Mostly I learned through experience, but a few blog posts/videos also helped a lot. And I have to thank (again, always) my parents for being great resources and cheerleaders. Aaaaand if we're being honest, Elizabeth Gilbert deserves credit for all the motivation she's provided (see link 1 & 3, below).

I can't remember where I first found Gilbert's explanation of passion vs curiosity (and I know I've shared it here before), but I've gone back to it several times in the past year, reminding myself that right now, I'm following my curiosity. Someday, I might find my passion (or I might look back after 100 years and retrospectively realize what it was all along), but my gorgeous curiosity is enough for me now, thanks.

Actually, I'm gonna embed the video right here so there's no excuse not to watch (from the beginning until about 1:32):

Another way to frame "following curiosity" is plain old forward motion, which I needed this past year (and will continue to need) to not fall over/get stuck. Also, "Perfect is the enemy of the good." A million times, yes. Was my resume/cover letter ever perfect and "ready" to send out? Probably not. But an unsent resume would've gotten me zero interviews.

"Just Ask" was my mantra this spring, when I realized I couldn't get something I wanted without verbalizing my request. The universe is many things, but a mind-reader isn't one of them.

And finally, when I asked Culture Question #1 during a phone interview, the response I got was "Wow. That's good. I've never heard that one before." Needless to say, that felt cool. (I didn't get that job, but I got a great reference!)

Wherever you are in life (job searching, job loving, stuck in a job, retired) I hope these references resonate. I'll be back next week with a more concrete update on my new adventure, Happy Fourth!

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