Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Night Links 23

My break week is over; I have one weekend left before I officially join the ranks as a Teaching Fellow for Citizen Schools. What am I mulling over these days? Things like this:

First, I'm glad I got to leave my job intentionally and take my time to say my goodbyes properly. I'm also grateful I worked in this break week. (I needed the time to clean and pack!)

Much like Elizabeth Gilbert, Laura Simms thinks Passion-Driven Careers aren't necessarily the goal. I'm glad I found a Purpose-Driven position.

I loved not hearing about "following your heart" - that sappy sentiment only leads to frustration as far as I've learned. It's working your ass off that pays the bills.

Speaking of paying the bills: "Do the best you can with what you have."

And another topical post from Austin Kleon, on learning in the open.

I'm so very excited to start this new chapter - once again, thanks to everyone who has cheered me on and joined me in all my adventures! The fun continues on Monday with the start of #teachingfellowlife (hashtag is a work in progress).

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