Monday, July 13, 2015

Day One: In the Books/On the Streets

A short check in after Day One on the job:

I've had several "first days" in my employment history, and the routine is similar no matter the field. There's excitement, paperwork, and lots of names to remember. Sometimes (like today) you get fed, sometimes (not today) you wonder what exactly you've gotten yourself into.

Today I met most of the people I'll be working with this year. While I'm not a veteran of the program, I am one of the older Teaching Fellows who has also lived in Chicago long enough to know my way around, which helped during the photo scavenger hunt we did as a group bonding activity. It'll take me a bit to keep names straight with backgrounds and hometowns and all the other random information you learn from a coworker when you first meet, but I think this is the start of some beautiful work friendships...which is a huge reason I started job searching to begin with.

Of course, work is about more than friends, but there will be time for all that in the coming weeks. For now, I'm enjoying orientation. Tomorrow brings more on-boarding paperwork plus our official AmeriCorps induction ceremony, where I'll take the AmeriCorps pledge to "get things done" once again.

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