Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The 8 Stages of Packing

Between work (summer school and community service projects!) and moving prep (packing, cleaning, anxiously awaiting our keys!), I don't have a lot of brain space for much else. Over the past month, or at least during the small amount of time I was actually home, it's been a whole lot of this train of thought:
  1. I don't have that much stuff.
  2. OMG I have so much stuff.
  3. Will I need this winter coat/extra bar of soap/thesaurus in the next month?
  4. Where did all this stuff come from?
  5. I need more bubble wrap.
  6. Maybe I should just sell all my possessions.
  7. Except this shirt. I forgot about this shirt!
  8. I hope I remember where I packed my underwear.

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