Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Night Survey: Zoo Edition

School is back in session, football is back on TV, and my sweats are slowing making their way back in my wardrobe...but summer isn't over yet! Yesterday I went to the beach and today Jesus and I took a trip to the Brookfield Zoo. I'm gonna stretch this season out while there's still daylight and 80 degree temps. Summer is a way of life more than a set amount of time. It looks something like this:

Making: faces at small children.
Cooking: nothing! Brit and Diego made dinner for Becca's birthday celebration Friday night and Dalia made us dinner after the zoo. :)
Eating: rice and beans and veggies and chicken and cake.
Drinking: RC Cola and gin and a horchata (not all at once).

Celebrating: Becca's birthday here and my parents' wedding anniversary from afar. Cheers to 27 and 29 years!
Walking: all around the zoo and along the lakefront.
Watching: Vines and Sunday Night Football--my only concession to fall. (Get ready for that to not change until February.)
Cheering: for the Colts to get back in this game.

Laying: out at the beach.
Taking: allergy medicine.
Reading: The Ten-Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer

Fixing: my broken bike (minor repair--nothing to worry about).
Writing: cover letters.
Playing: a Toy Story-themed video game.
Sleeping: in.
Enjoying: a play for Becca's birthday celebration and the company of old friends.
Wearing: football jerseys and sweatshirts (at night at least).
Wondering: how I got so old (Saturday morning) and why my neighbor hates her dog so much (Sunday morning).
Hoping: my nose stops running soon.
Listening to: Euro trance.
Smelling: animal food and poo (at the zoo).

Wanting: snuggles.
Needing: snuggles.

Getting: snuggled. Thanks boyfriend!

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