Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Night Survey: Work Hard/Play Hard Edition

How did another weekend come and go so fast? More importantly, how is September over this week? I picked up an extra shift at Mercy on Saturday, which meant Sunday (today) was my day of rest. The Packers did their work on the field so I can celebrate gloat tomorrow. I got to see a pretty cool and local circus. And we're heading into the season of scares and squash and candy...which means I'm planning out the last three months of the year. Among other things:

Making: a plan of attack for shorter/colder days
Smelling: wood stoves
Cooking: scrambled eggs for the guys at work
Eating: vegan at Native Foods and lazy at Fast Wok
Drinking: homemade horchata (found a simple recipe thanks to Bailey!)
Putting: self care at the top of my list

Convincing: teenagers to finish their homework
Being: grateful for extra work
Spending: probably more than I should because of it
Wondering: how to rearrange my room next
Missing: my basil plant

Attending: the Midnight Circus in the afternoon
Keeping: my eyes wide open during each performance--I didn't want to miss anything!
Doing: this survey way too late at night

Uploading: (almost) all my pics from this summer
Watching: football (Go Packers!) and circus performers
Walking: to our Chinese place for lo mein and crab rangoon
Reading: If You Follow Me by Malena Watrous
Writing: in my journal
Playing: Duolingo vocab games to retain more Spanish
Listening to: Vivaldi and Vagabond Opera
Wanting: a back massage
Needing: an ibuprofen or two

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