Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NorCal Day 2: San Francisco and Bay Area Traffic

The sun wasn't quite up, but we were. We grabbed a quick breakfast from the motel's lobby and headed back towards the city, back across the Golden Gate Bridge. Spoiler alert: it's just as majestic at dawn as it is at dusk. I know some people drive across it during their daily commute, and I'm sure it feels like whatever to them, but man was it hard to keep my eyes on the road and not on the views.

In San Francisco, we parked for the day and headed out on foot. Our agenda looked like this: Notice something interesting. Walk towards it. Repeat. We also let food be our guide: Do you smell donuts? I guess it's mid-morning snack time.
This looks interesting... (Chinatown)
Verrrrryy interesting... (Transamerica Pyramid Center)
We noticed the sign said "Don't Touch" after the picture...but c'mon, that hand was made to be held!
Port of San Francisco
Bay Bridge
Pier 39
Yes, we got the donuts.
Hmmm...what's that? Looks interesting!
These were just the stairs leading to The Stairs.
A view from one of the tops (my quads are in GREAT shape).
Coit Tower
City View
Water View
All of those cars are driving, not parked on Lombard Street.
Of course we had to walk to the top!
Rewarding ourselves with Mama's
When we got here (at about 2 pm), that's where we were in line (can you see Mom standing way back by the chairs?). Worth the wait!
By four we were ready to head to wine country (and take a nap), so we joined everyone else leaving the city and got a certified Bay Area rush hour cultural experience. Eventually we got to Livermore, checked in to our home for the rest of the week, and waited (eagerly!) for Marina to pick us up for dinner! It was a reunion five years in the making, and I love that it happened in the parking lot of a motel. Typical.
And yes, that picture is hanging sideways.
For our very first meal shared in America (our very first time doing anything together in America, besides playing phone tag or texting or missing each other), Marina took us to First Street Alehouse for some comfort food. And ice cream after, of course!
sweating, holding food...sounds like us.
To be continued...and if you missed it, Day 1.

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