Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NorCal Day 1: Two Flights and a Drive

Our Mom and Daughter vacation is complete! As I get back into my Chicago routine (sleep, sweat, eat, sweat, work, sweat, repeat), I'm also looking back to a wonderful week on the west coast. Getting there was easy, despite all the steps it took.
Bye, Chicago!
Mom and I met at O'Hare (she came from the north, I from the south), and boarded our plane to Los Angeles. We had a short layover there before our connecting flight to San Francisco, but unfortunately saw no celebrities. :( Maybe next time! Once in SF, we got our rental car and drove to our motel in Mill Valley--a strategic choice which took us on a driving tour through the city and across the Golden Gate Bridge to the quiet and scenic North Bay.
Airport Life. Planes?
We had dinner at Pizza Antica (Naples-esque thin crust; I was in love) and asked a few kiddos running around outside where they got their ice cream cones so we could get some dessert as well. After a short walk around the area while we ate our ice cream (and the temperature dropped considerably), we decided to take a drive. Our little Chevy Spark worked hard to motor up the hills, but once it did we were rewarded with stunning views of the Bay and its surrounding cities.
My ride for the week!
By the time we got back to the motel, it was almost 9...which felt like 11. Both Mom and I decided to give in to jet lag, even if it meant we'd wake up before dawn on Day Two. Success.
Our quiet hideaway


  1. sounds amazing already!!! keep the photos comin ;)

  2. Don't even worry...I have PLENTY more!