Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Fall! (Friday Night Links 1)

Don't misread me: it's still summer. But for today, it's fall. I'm wearing a sweater. I had hot coffee this morning. The air smells like wood stoves and wet dog. (Just Chicago? Oh.) And for the first time since June, I'm using my oven without regret. If you can guess what I'm making, well, that just means you've read one or two of my Friday night blogs before.

Yeah, it's pizza. Red sauce, broccoli, peppers, and caramelized onions. You know the drill.
And granola! I found this recipe last week and have been waiting for sub-70 degree weather to try it out. Tonight's the night, but stay tuned for my tweaked version of it. (Spoiler alert, I add sugar.)

A few other food-themed things I've found in the past few weeks:

My next granola recipe. (I want to become a granola connoisseur this year. Maybe I'll write a cookbook like this.)

An interesting take on part-time veganism.

Following foodies on Instagram = my other day job.

Who knew almonds affected so many facets of life? I'm rethinking my love of almond milk.

I think I could be the founding member of a wine-ercising club. Or the only member of a I drink wine alone while I eat half a pizza club.


  1. In my house Sunday night is pizza night, no matter the temperature. Every. Sunday.
    I'm a fan of broccoli on pizza, but my husband is not so whenever I'm doing a solo pizza Sunday I always always put some broccoli on mine. I'm going to try your version next though, caramelised onions sounds like it could be a good pizza partner!

    Lauren / And Together We

    1. Sunday would be a great night for pizza...a silver lining to the end of a weekend for sure! The onions were a solid choice--they even taste good cold (pizza for breakfast is the best part of making pizza).