Friday, September 5, 2014

NorCal Day 4: Wedding!

(Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 if you missed them.)

Our last full day in Cali was spent celebrating Marina and Nate at the gorgeous Ravenswood Historical Site in Livermore. I laughed (when the ring bearer, Marina's dog, came down the aisle), I cried (when Marina came down the aisle), and I ate some bomb comfort food.

Ice Cream: Day 4. It had to happen.
Marley, the guard dog/ring bearer
Mom & Me...we ditched the heels pretty early in the day.
Still can't believe this actually happened! 
We may or may not have cried together a little.
And like that, our trip was over. Well, not exactly...first we had to drive back to the airport the next morning, which took us across yet another bridge. Then we flew back to the Midwest. I put my hair back into its usual messy bun and started planning the next reunion (which hopefully happens much sooner than five years from now).

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