Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Night Links 2

Tonight is pre-wedding mini-reunion night for my community (okay so it's mostly Jesus and me waiting for two of the out-of-towners), so my usual pizza + wine night looks more like chips/salsa + wine. This will be our third community wedding since 2012 and my fifth and last wedding this summer. It's also summer's final weekend! In the coming weeks I'll be uploading and printing out pictures from the last three months as I squeeze all I can out of a summery fall.

Let's not get too serious on Summer 2014's final Friday. Lighthearted links only!

What are the women in classic art thinking? This will never not be funny.

The "If Our Bodies Could Talk" Series by Dr. James Hamblin: spot on. Here's a wine-inspired one.

The power of reading. Way to go, Chicago kids!

A history lesson for a song I'll probably hear/dance to this weekend.

And one more wine link for the road: I think I'll stick to my corkscrew, but if I ever misplace it, I have options. (PS: they are totally drinking Three Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's...they should know Winking Owl from Aldi is cheaper & tastier!)

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