Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday (Monday) Morning (Afternoon) Shortlist Vol 5

On Labor Day weekend, Monday is essentially Sunday. I'm spending mine doing several loads of laundry and scheduling an electrician to come out and restore power to the southern half of our apartment. Here's some end-of-the-summer reading...I hope you're enjoying the holiday!
Missing these views...and the lack of humidity.
I've been following this blogger for some time (and have nothing but respect), but this tutorial made me laugh. Welcome to my life--we have thrift store frames galore around here! (And I spend about half what she did on frames and photos.)

Something I needed to remember last night -- I had no internet and no lights in my bathroom, but I had a roof over my head and a bed under my body and the toilet still flushes in the dark!

I'm a High Pony all the way (though I've been known to rock the Half-Up Half-Down)--summer might be ending, but it's always ponytail season.

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