Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Know your boundaries; respect them."

They are one training and two meetings,
three mothers, three brothers, ten children
thirteen complex personalities
two and two hundred people to please
one of me.

They are Racine to Polk at a dead sprint
one close call with an inattentive driver
striding with purpose to May's cul-de-sac
a break to stretch and spit by the fountain
jogging back up Racine
stopping short on the overpass--boundaries--
racing from Van Buren to Jackson
waiting outside the Sherwin-Williams for the coast to clear.

They are no, we can't be friends or
no, we can only be friends
and don't worry about what I'm doing,
it doesn't concern you.

They are no more specific than this,
because that's crossing them.

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  1. this one is a little bit much for me to get on the first read. that means it's probably really good.