Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I needed something for a potluck bridal shower this weekend, and with summer + heat + general weekend laziness, I wanted it to be easy and fun. Then I found this recipe for pulled pork sandwiches. Three ingredients? Sold!

Here's how it went down:

9:30 am:
I took my six pound pork shoulder out of the fridge, rinsed it under cool water, and chopped it in half.
I set up our crock pot and poured a little root beer in, just enough to cover the bottom.
I placed my two hunks of pork in the crock pot and poured more root beer over them, so they were just over half covered.
I turned the crock pot on low and walked away.
pork shoulder = lots of marbling
Periodically throughout the day:
I spooned root beer over the tops of the pork hunks and rotated them so they cooked evenly.
doing their thing while I do lots of other things
6:00 pm-ish:
I started pulling the pork, first by cutting up my two halves into even smaller pieces, then by using two forks to literally pull the meat (now fully cooked) apart.
I kept the good meat in a bowl separate from the fattier pieces until I had most of the pork out of the crock pot, then I poured out the root beer and put the pulled pork back in.
I covered the pulled pork with barbecue sauce (Sweet Baby Ray's...I know it's mostly corn syrup, but it's a crowd-pleaser nonetheless).
I stirred the sauce/pork around until everything was coated and set the crock pot on high to get it nice and bubbly.
it's pulling time!
8:00 pm-ish:
I served my pulled pork on pretzel buns with pickles and cheese.
I ate the heck out of a pulled pork sandwich.

[No pictures of the finished product, I'm afraid. Stomachs beat out smartphones.]

Any questions? Here's a recap: pork. root beer. crock pot. pull. bbq. chow.

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